Aqua Bug 4 – Stroke Outboard Motor by Bike Bug


Bike Bug has reintroduced the world’s smallest outboard motor. The Aqua Bug is the world’s first 360° inclinable (“any side up operation”) four-stroke outboard motor, it uses an ultra-lightweight Honda Clone GX35 Mini Four-Stroke engine that efficiently delivers the kind of powerful performance that you’d expect from a larger engine. It’s all in a much cleaner, quieter, and more compact package, though. This is all thanks to a unique belt-driven overhead cam design, a ball bearing-supported crankshaft, an enlarged valve design, and lighter and more rigid engine components. The timing belt is built to last a lifetime on this engine. Compared to two-strokes of similar sizes, this one has the operating costs split in half. It’s also easier to start. This is an advanced technology four-stroke, which means no fuel/oil mixing is required. It’s also very easy to drain and re-fill the oil. Other maintenance is easy as well, such as changing or re-gapping the spark plug.

For quick and easy acceleration, the carburetor is equipped with an accelerator pump. Because the components are so light, vibration is also reduced on this engine. With integrated fuel system protection, the Aqua Bug has proven reliability. The results of not having to mix gas and oil make for better all-around environmental performance and operating costs that actually decrease with continuous use! This motor was test-run on a West Marine Water Tender 9.4. Its average speed was between 4 to 4.5 knots while loaded with one 195-pound person and a moderate amount of cargo. It traveled more than 5 knots on a half liter of gas.

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