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BICYCLIST Magazine - Issue #143 Article: "A Seat for a Friend"

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The Victory Ranch Summer Camp in Tennessee is the new owner of the Bike Bug® Bicycle Sidecar. It will be utilized by Elementary and Middle school students during summer camp.

Last year, we featured the e-Chariot, a custom-made sidecar built to accommodate the wheelchair of Hailey Mills by her grandfather, Ron. Here, we bring you another type of steel chariot: the Bike Bug® Sidecar!

Built in Texas by Mike Schneider, the apocalypse-ready, 10-gauge polished aluminum sidecar sits on a steel frame that anchors onto the bike’s frame tubes and rear axle.

We used a Faraday city e-bike for our trial, as the Sturney-Archer hub shifter provided lots of gearing options, a front motor to compensate for the added weight, and a steel frame that could accommodate the inertia. Not for the light-hearted, using a sidecar takes up lots space in the road, but with a little practice and a solid bike, this set-up is sure to turn heads!

A sidecar can be fun for a family on bike paths, cruising with your buddies down the boardwalk, or pack it up to your local CicLAvia. We recommend a nice heavy bike with no rear derailleur – pair it with an e-bike! Bike Bug® builds their stock to order. Their inventory includes sidecars, a number of cargo bikes, bicycle motors, and accessories.


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