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Custom Handmade Aluminum Sidecar for Bicycles
Bike Bug®

Bicycle Aluminum Sidecar by Bike Bug®

Regular price $3,000.00

Bike Bug® Bicycle Sidecar Hand Crafted Limited Edition.

10-gauge Polished Aluminum Carrier with steel frame and adjustable mounting system that fits on any bicycle for easy instillation. Take along your favorite passenger or it only takes a second to detach the sidecar from your bicycle which is very useful for flying solo.

16” high, 18” wide, and 42” long polished aluminum carrier itself weighs 68 lbs. w/ 20” wheel that is encased in carrier body to prevent damage and increase stability. Tuft and Roll heavy marine vinyl upholstered seat for rider comfort. Acrylic passenger windshield. Fitted with a front light and two tail lights with rechargeable battery for added visibility.

Custom Sizes Made To Order Contact Us for pricing and est. manufacturing time. 

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