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Improved Front Wheel Drive Bike Bug® Bicycle Engine
Bike Bug®

Front Drive Bike Bug® Bicycle Engine

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Bike Bug® introduces its New & Improved Patent Pending and Trademarked Bike Engine.

Bike Bug® front drive bicycle engines are meticulously engineered to provide versatility and reliability. We are so pleased to offer you the Improved Bike Bug® front drive bike motor with that wonderful 40+ year history of being America’s Favorite Bicycle Engine.


  • 26 cc (1.2 HP) 2 Stroke Motor
  • 40:1 Gas/Oil Ratio - Regular Unleaded/2 Stroke Oil
  • Works on two and three wheel bicycles
  • Fits on practically any bicycle*
  • No added belts, chains or gears to deal with or create loss of horsepower
  • 10 pound weight is the lightest on the market
  • Integrated carburetor and primer pump system
  • Clutch and throttle mounted on handle bars
  • Top speed of 25-30 MPH
  • 200 Smiles per gallon
  • Simple on and off drive system that is easy to adjust
  • Improved electronic ignition
  • Easy start
  • Bicycle can be ridden motorized or pedaled with no engine drag
  • 6 month warranty on manufacturer equipment

* The Rear Drive Bike Bug® is recommended for bikes with suspension in the front forks

CLICK TO ADD A RAIN DRIVE WHEEL - Choose the 1 1/4 in OD Wheel

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