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About Bike Bug®


We engineer and develop unique bicycle/transportation products that are constantly analyzed for improvements in order to provide optimum performance. We rigorously field test our products for safety and reliability to insure peace of mind allowing you the freedom to focus on enjoying your outdoor adventures.



A Note From Our Founder

Bike Bug® LLC is proud to offer America’s Favorite Bicycle Engine, the Improved Bike Bug® in both front mount & rear mount models. We are so pleased to continue that wonderful 40+ year history with the Improved Bike Bug® Bicycle Engine. Over 100,000+ Bike Bug® Owners from around the world have helped us develop the Improved Model & we believe we honored their help because of their unwavering desire to keep on riding with America’s Favorite Bicycle Engine.

We have been collecting information, making parts, and helping folks keep these little engines running for 25+ years now & our Improved Bike Bug® Bicycle Engine boasts an owner mileage record of 5,600 miles in one year with NO REPAIRS. We still offer sales, literature, and parts for Classic Bike Bug® Bicycle Engine as well & we stand behind both the Improved Bike Bug® & the Classic Bike Bug® with a full 90 day running warranty.

We have added several other products to the Bike Bug® line up throughout the years that now include Aqua Bug® Outboard Motors, Bike Bug® Cargo Bikes & Trailers, Bike Bug® Bicycle Side Cars, and Bike Bug® Bicycle Safety Accessories. Our hope is to keep living up to the 40+ year legacy of America's Favorite Bicycle Engine known as...       Bike Bug®. 


Mike Schneider
Bike Bug® LLC