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Bike Bug®

Reinforced Industrial Front Bicycle Wheel by Bike Bug®

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The Heavy Duty front bicycle wheel by Bike Bug® has a solid steel rim and comes with heavy 10 gauge spokes. Adding a couple of these bike wheels to your cargo tricycle will increase it's load weight capacity and add durability.


  • Upset Reinforced Rim with spoke heads recessed
  • Rim: 152 mm T
  • 26″ X 2.125″ 10 Gauge 36 H 1.4 T that matches 26″ 2.125″ tire
  • Spoke: 10 Gauge 257 mm with steel nipple
  • 10 Gauge 36 H 110 W 140 mm
  • 1/2" Axle with flange nuts
Tire pictured not included with Rim

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